Downtown Eugene

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Responses to the RFQ

Responses to the RFQ for West Broadway can be found here.

Essentially, the Downtown Eugene Community proposal, which I presented in video form, is more of a human rights statement. Given the other proposals, it needed to be made.

Out of the standard development proposals, the Beam proposal is the most context-sensitive, except for the suggestion to tear down the north side of Broadway ... possibly the most active nightlife area in Eugene.

Essentially, Beam looks like they could rennovate the already-heavily-rennovated Centre Court building, and the empty lot next to it. It would be more efficient not to rennovate, however, if this is done solely with City money. If the City has to pay for it, then rennovation should be avoided, and the Downtown Eugene Community process would be a more efficient expenditure.

The other proposals are unrelated to the context, even KWG's. But KWG should probably still develop their original idea on the half-block between the Tango Center and the Library. If they pay for it.

The other proposals are too insensitive to mention. And terribly unrealistic, given the market here.


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