Downtown Eugene

Friday, May 25, 2007

West Broadway broken? Compared to what?

Here's the Jacob gallery, a "high-end", and high-concrete, "pedestrian street", which lacks any sign of pedestrian life, in the middle of the day. No one says that this, or the "gallery district", or many other "clean", and sterile, parts of downtown, are "broken".

And yet West Broadway, which always has actvity -- is considered "broken"? It's because the kids and homeless people are not "people"? They are, in fact, citizens. looking for something to do. And so are the 2,000 people a week who come to the Bars on West Broadway. Do they not have the legal right to drink and dance?

Except for the Bus stop, West Broadway is the most successful part of downtown. It could be more successful, but the City is threatening to tear it down to "make it work". Destroying the village to save it.


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