Downtown Eugene

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tom Kemper's two conditions: $40 million + no community input

KWG's Tom Kemper is very clear that he will only produce the mega-project, if he gets the $40 million in subsidies, and if he can do what he needs to, to make his project "work". He is quite clearly not interested in the public input, which the City Council has deceptively collected, with the intention of ignoring it.

To quote Kemper in the Register-Guard (July 14, 2007):

"It's bold. It's ambitious. It's really upscale," he said. "It's also a big change (for Eugene), and it's expensive."

He needs to destroy the existing neighborhood, and all the existing businesses and non-profits, in order to create his high-rent district. He need to create it his way, or it won't work for him financially.

Who wants that? 1% of the population? In this political campaign for November, we must make it clear what the mega-project will be, must be, according to the economics of such a project.


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